High Buildings

The Alberta Building Code Defines High Buildings for Group C (Residential Occupancies) as a building whose floor level of the top storey is more than 18 m above grade.

The additional electrical requirements for a high building are:

  • An Emergency Generator sized to energize the buildings fire pump, the elevators, emergency lighting, and mechanical systems.
  • Voice Communications System tied into the Fire Alarm System (if the building is above 36 m A.B.C.
  • A Central Alarm Command Center located in the Central Alarm and Control Facilities Room. 
  • Electrical conductors for emergency systems must be located in a fire rated shaft. 

Below is a list of high buildings who's electrical design was done by us:

Symphony Tower

Located on 9704 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1B6.

28 Storeys and 9 levels of underground parking. A total of 148 High End Condos

Emerald Tower

Located on 11350 - Jasper Avenue, Edmonton AB

45 Storeys including CRU's on the main floor, 3 levels of parking, and 273 Condo Units.

Tweddle Place

2021 Millbourne Rd West NW, Edmonton AB.

Two 12 Storey Buildings complete with underground parking. Total of 313 Suites. 


Chalton Hotel

18 Boudreau Rd, St. Albert, AB

7 Storey Hotel, complete with kitchen and large assembly area. Total of  133 Suites.